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Originally Posted by Alohajrtennis View Post
Yes, the people who designed these changes have this weird notion that are all these 'national players' who don't play there sectional events, and that weakens the sectional competition, so by blowing up all the national tournaments(national, opens, regionals) and restricting access based on sectional quotas these kids will be forced to play in there sections, that will make sectional play tougher, and that will make tennis look less expensive compared to other sports, so tennis will then be able to attract more elite athletes. Seriously, they really think this.

The whole logic chain falls apart rather easily, starting with the fact that these national only players who don't play sectional events are few and far between, and the reason they don't play there section is not because they have too much money and want to waste it flying all over the place or don't want to, but because they don't have enough challenging competition in there sections.
You are right on! The best players don't even bother to play national opens - not enough challenge. The very best don't even show up at the clay court championship - not enough challenge again. Many do play Kalamazoo or San Diego, because the winner gets a wild card in US Open main draw. How would USTA force these, who don't play national opens, to play section tournaments? They would rather train hard or chase their ITF or ATP ranking points. Like you said, many many top players, high 5 stars or blue chips are playing sections, especially, in strong sections like FL, Southern CA, Eastern, MidWest, TX, or Southern, because they can be challenged there. A few years ago, my son lost to a blue chip from FL in B14 Clay super national. That kid never played a single tournament out of the state!
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