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Originally Posted by TW Staff View Post
Towards the end of Jan 2013 it will be available in 15 gauge (1.41mm).

I have found the durability to be inline with Original, if not better. Playability lasts well, too, so not as much of a concern if several days go by between hitting sessions. I've hit 4G in many, many racquets and I really like that string.

Yesterday I hit it in a Jack Kramer Pro Staff strung around 38lbs and it felt awesome. Lots of control and bite to help the ball dip inside the lines after 13.5 ounces of timber had sent it flying.

Chris, TW
two questions

1) what kind of machine do you use to resting a wood racquet?

2) how did you get the idea to use full poly in a jkps?
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