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Originally Posted by DaveJTR View Post
Hey everyone.

Looking at Fabfed's comparison of Djokovic's racquet versus retail Speed 315, you can tell that the string pattern is different (3 grommets in the letter D of the hoop versus 4 grommets in the letter D of the hoop).

Does this "customized" string pattern make the racquet behave more like a 16x19? Just curious...
i would say the density is a mix between 18x20 and 16x19. comparing to my prestige 16x19, the center boxes look about the same as mine, moving away from the center, noel's boxes stay more consistent to the center, not enlarging as much as mine. keep in mind his racket head size looks a little smaller than the stock speed, my guess in the 98" range, prestige are in the 95" range.
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