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there are several things you can try.

1) first is a change in the approach.... slice is the preferred choice for high balls or hard flat incoming balls.. the topspin drive is preferred for low balls and passing shots.... that will cut down your 'unnecessary' use of the shot in some tough situations

2) curvy balls - sw works for some, but for me, the most spin is hit with eastern/conti in-between grip, where the mid section of the middle and ring fingers are right under the bottom bevel of the grip and I just lift the racket head up/across the ball... i can generate MORE spin than my FH this way.

3) arm/body connectivity - to me, the staying-sideways method is more difficult to control as the arm separates from the body pretty early... try to maintain pressure at the right arm pit and use the chest to swing the upper arm around, and the forearm/relaxed wrist will add spin.... this looks more like the BH of wawrinka, schiavone, mauresmo.... to me it feels connected and easier to time.
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