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Originally Posted by tennis5 View Post
He was very decided during Wimbledon 2009 press conference while Canada issue was brought up, "USTA has taken me since the day I moved, and obviously been having some really good results, and they're behind me and backing me, helping me out with coaches and everything, and I can't ask for more."

Guess he had a change of heart.
At that point in his tennis (2009) that made complete sense to him. At this point in his career (2012) the opportunity to play for Canada and play Davis Cup for Canada makes sense to him. He understands the consequences. On the surface to many it may appear to be turncoat. They way I see it is an opportunity to alter for the better in Jessie's opinion a career that has a very short shelf life. If the USTA can't hold on to these guys too bad. They know what they are getting into when they take on a player with dual-citizenship. Jessie is a good player and kid, good luck to him.
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