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Originally Posted by PCXL-Fan View Post
My avatar has been changed again to something really disturbing. Please do not ban me. I've been a member for almost 5 years I do not want to lose membership privilege. Either there is something weird happening with the forum or there is someone accessing my forum account.

I have a feeling I'm being hacked. Is there some way to determine if some other computer besides my own is accessing my account?

Thank you very much.

This banworthy avatar only seems to be occurring on google chrome. On internet explorer i am getting the normal buckethead avatar. But using chrome i get something quite terrible and not suitable for this site. It seems to change on a bi-daily basis.
chrome: http: //
Sounds like bad images getting cached, OR malware. Can you click your username, dropdown to view your profile, and refresh a few times (or press Ctrl + Shift + R to force a full reload (bypass cache)).

Does the bad image still show up on Chrome? Do the same for IE. Did you have to RE-upload your avatar? It is currently showing up as the buckethead avatar.

If Chrome persists in showing you the image, run a scan like Microsoft Security Essentials, or Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. I'd also check to see if you have any malicious chrome extensions running, and google around to see if/how it was installed.

Hope this helps, and/or points you in the right direction. I didn't see anything suspicious in your IP log. However, if you had to manually change your avatar back, that's a different story.

Edit: The link you posted shows the buckethead avatar.
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