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Originally Posted by Blitzball View Post
I feel like the Bio Tour was similar to the Blade or Radical MP spec-wise and playwise. It really let my one handed backhand shine too, and the switch to the F3.0 Tour, which is a stick somewhere inbetween the Bio Tour and Aero Pro Drive, actually hindered my consistency with its crazy pop. I hit flat too, and I was hitting a lot of erratic shots from the baseline. AND I felt the F3.0 got pushed around too easily and even lacked plow through on defensive shots, which aggravated me during my sets. I'm 4.0, and maybe too dependent on the racquet for enhancing my game, so it's probably just me sucking but I've been kind of let down by the F3.0 tour so far. Except on serve, it's really good on serve.
I hit very flat and I find the Bio 300 tour better suited for my style of strokes, particularly my 1hbh. The sweetspot does feel larger to me on the F 3.0 tour and it is also higher up but the sweetspot on the bio 300 is sweeter. The Bio tour (with lead) just seems more solid to me but the F 3.0 tour is snappier to the ball and more crisp. Do you use 17g strings? I find that it really helps with these dunlops especially on the Bio version.
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