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Originally Posted by Cheetah View Post
I wouldn't think of it that way.
Depending on the shot the pronation can occur before contact or after contact. There can be forearm pronation as well as pronation from the shoulder. There are several factors which come into play such as personal style and flair, grip, intent etc. There's also wrist ulnar and radial deviation.

SSC is something else and happens earlier in the swing and is not caused by pronation.
So you're saying the "right way" to swing includes pronation and wrist deviation(s) but not wrist flexion (or extension..?). And that the pronation and wrist deviation(s) can occur at any given time during the swing depending on the type of shot?

So pretty much the general rule is that there is no order to how these movements happen, but that they will happen as long as you don't try to force anything? I'm used to teaching younger children who need steps 1, 2, and 3 to hit a forehand or it's all a big mess, so to hear that there's no given order to the pronations and wrist deviations on a standard forehand is weird to me
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