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Talking Yes and No

'Yes' - for learning the basics, understanding the fundamentals, Strategics, drills and socializing (meet new players).

'No' - you don't need to register for every sessions ; you don't want to get overloaded with activities without really retaining or mastering a skill.

To improve:
1. You need to have a regular or multiple (even better) hitting partner.
2. Play with a player that is higher level or better than you (allows longer rallys which helps your strokes to be consistent).
3. Have a plan - each time you go the court (aside from playing a match) work on the drills you learn from the class (again repeatition is the key). Don't just get on the court to just kill every shot - alternate you drills to work on consistency, control and footwork.

Of course, there will times its best to be on a private lesson to help hone / improve your skills.
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