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Still Federer was nr 1 this year, 5-7 years of of his peak.
Not #1 when it counted, at the end of the year, a long way from his former dominance, and a long way from the dominance Serena Williams who is exactly the same age enjoyed (rankings BS of the WTA aside). If you say that is because the womens field is currently weak, well that also shows you understand how much a weak field makes it easier to dominate, as was the case for Federer in 2004-2006 as well. The fact you are even talking about Nadal being #1 in 2005 and 2006 without Federer, when outside of clay he was a joke of a player at that point, says it all about the level of players in the Federer era and the quality of Federer's contemporaries really.
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