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Originally Posted by diredesire View Post
I disagree that multis should be used in place of gut. They shred, and they shred VERY quickly, depending on what you choose. IMHO, gut (if cared for properly) will outlast most any high (enough) end multi that would qualify as a substitute. If anything, I'd use a solid core synthetic, they suffer less from the "floppy" phenomenon that you're describing, but you lose out on the resiliency as you do with all non-gut crosses. You could also try something like a polyolefin(e) ribbon construction string, like the old style isospeed strings, or head rip control. They're durable, but still (technically) multi construction. I'd give gut a shot, though, to see what you're missing, but I do agree that gut solely in a cross is NOT the most cost effective way to do it. You gain less benefits, but it's still hard to replace. It's up to you to decide whether or not it's worth it, to you.
I will try next week full Luxilon 4g at 46 in a 2012 Aeroprodrive. Depending on how it feels, I could try 4g/gut mains.

Have you used Pacific Classic Gut and VS gut a crosses? Are they very different as a cross string?
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