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Originally Posted by Timbo's hopeless slice View Post

ye. it's often not about 'form', eh?

I like to think I have pretty nice 'form', as long as I am in good position and have time to set up. People stop to watch us practice.
However, in a match, I believe the best part of my game is my ability to improvise, to 'make up' a shot that puts the ball where I want it even if I'm all out of shape. A lot of these shots are ugly! That return of serve that jams you up but you somehow manage to hit it into the into the corner from under your chin, the FH passing shot that was all wrist 'cos you weren't in position to play a lovely, 'pretty' shot, the last second slice BH hack down the line as you realise he's covered the CC so you just sort of stop the shot half way and push it.

Ugly tennis that works.

I like nothing more than playing my best shot with my best form, but it doesn't always work like that, and I see a lot of players that have been heavily coached who still try to keep their form while out of position.

A really good coach will (hopefully) allow for some improvisation during matchplay practice, even encourage and force it by putting their pupils in awkward places.

look at Federer (who else?), he's the prettiest player on the planet, but he will still hack a squash shot up the line if he has to...
Your improvised strokes could never be this ugly

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