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Oh did not realise the date mattered. And yes, a long way from his peak. Federer has proved his level over time. Loosing three GS matches of clay still has left him with 17. Don't know where you got the number 9 from, when they have only met 8 times at GS.
Since if Djokovic and Federer met in the 2010 U.S Open final, Federer was winning that one for sure. I know he lost to Djokovic in the semis, but that was a semifinal, when Federer knew he would have to play Nadal in the final, and he played a really bad match that day too, and wouldnt have played that poorly 2 days in a row hypothetically, or certainly in a slam final facing someone not named Nadal. Djokovic was not in any form that year really (was #7 in the race which is unheard of for him), was majorly low on confidence, was serving really weak, and even on one of his better tournaments/matches of the year wasnt in anywhere near even his 2007-2009 form, let alone 2011-2012, and not playing well enough to beat Federer or Nadal in a slam final. So that is the hypothetical 9th, but I say 8 or 9 since Djokovic probably beats Federer at this years Australian anyway, so more likely 8. Actually come to think of it Djokovic might well have beaten Federer at the 2008 French too, so make it 7 or 8 (with Djokovic almost certainly winning the 2012 Australian, and probably winning the 2008 French too), still a huge difference from 1 or 2.

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