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Originally Posted by The Big Kahuna View Post
Living in SoCal, temps drop from the 80s-90s in the early Fall to the 50s-60s in the Winter - certainly, I don't imagine a lot of players are out there playing when in the 40s or the snow, but I am sure there are.

That said, in temps in the 50s-mid60s I drop my tension a 2-4 lbs. As the temps rise, so does my tension.
Big Kahuna- I play the Head-Prestige IG Pro and use your recommended tension of 52/48 during the summer months, plays great. A few days ago had a few racquets strung up @50/46 with the weather @50*. Currently using Pacific-Classic Gut/ Signum Pro- Hyperion, wasn't to fond of Co-Focus. Thanks.........PS-I reside in Nothern California.
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