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I have to agree. My 5 has developed some interesting quirks since the 6.0 update and reminds me of my 10 years with blackberry. I'm missing my 4S which was so flawless and perfect.

There is no loyalty in the fanboy fone game. My problem is I tried the S3 for 3 weeks and just did not like the experience at all. I'm going to look at W8 but Microsoft is also ******* me off lately in work related ways. Quality control has gone out the window and metro UI sucks rusted sack of balls.
I've had two different stints with the S3 (ICS & now JellyBean) and the latest has completely changed the game for me. The integration of Google Now has really helped the Android experience for me. I was so bored with my iphone 5 and its 2007 interface that it didn't take much to woo me away but I'm glad I gave the S3 another shot because it's a keeper for me.
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