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Default Are you man enough to call your out calls?

I'm not sure of the exact rules but if you can clearly see your ball out but the opponent plays it as though it is in then you can over rule and give the opponent the point
Here's what happen
During the rally the Opponent hits a cross court to the corner on the deuce side
It was well struck and I chasing to the corner and was able to hit ball back over the net onto the court
I was running fast and ball was really close to the line but I was so intent on getting to the ball I didn't see the line clearly
It happen to fast that after I hit the ball I though it was out but only maybe so I dont say anything
The ball lands in his side and he has an easy put away to my ad side as I was out of position
I still say nothing and I assume he gonna take the point then he asks me as I gather the loose ball
Him "was that ball in the corner good?"
Me "I wasn't watching the line so busy trying to get the ball back"
Me "If I'm sure then the ball is good I guess"
Him "yea"
Now I expecting him to say "no that ball was long your point"
Wishful thinking in my part
I think I'll played only a handful of guys who would actually make a call against himself
Now I'm ****ed cause I would have preferred if he stay quiet and take the point rather than asking me
I m rather decisive in making my calls but I can be wrong and if you feel you feel you saw your ball go out then call it when I say im not sure
Do you really want me to say it was definitely in?

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