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Originally Posted by Jim A View Post
People who want to move up, play up. I see a lot of good local 3.5's here in CO who stayed at 3.5, even with good wins over those bumped to 4.0. Others just played up all year, went 2-10 and lost 2 and 2 most times...were bumped. Of course you can't "play down" unfortunately!
I agree 100% and that is EXACTLY my experience -- everyone I know the last 2 years who got bumped up (after the great "upgrade" a few years back) played up. Almost without fail, great records at level, without some results "up," did not do the trick. In my case, I had a slightly better "at level" record 3 years ago that I had this year (and I am accounting for opponents skills and eventual level) but stayed down. Difference this year? Playing up and delivering 60% "competitive" (at least 6 games) matches, with 20% wins. Same thing happened to my wife about 6 years ago when she quit playing at level and only played up.

To me, that is the flaw in the current system. Even if you are at the top of your level, it is just too hard to deliver enough of the 1 & 1 wins required to get the computer to move you up.
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