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I conduct a fair number of group clinics and they can be very effective if 1.) the players in the group are of similar playing ability. 2.) the pro in charge keeps things moving. 3.) Live ball drills are used. 4.) a competitive aspect is built in. My group clinics focus strongly on live ball and point play and I find in many ways that in group clinics I can get players to do what I want them to do without just telling them to do it sometimes more easily than in private lessons. I can set up situations in the group live ball sessions that show players what works and what doesn't work both technically and tactically which I find is more effective then just telling them what works and what doesn't. Also my group clinics are run at a fast pace so things keep moving and everyone gets a good workout. I don't like having players standing in lines--you lose them then.

But I have seen some pretty horrible group lessons as I travel around. Group lessons that are slow and where only dead ball feeds are used are pretty much a waste of time.

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