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Originally Posted by Winning Ugly View Post
To me, that is the flaw in the current system. Even if you are at the top of your level, it is just too hard to deliver enough of the 1 & 1 wins required to get the computer to move you up.
But if a player can't dominate opponents at the lower end of their level, should they really be moved up?

Of course, what makes it even more difficult is you may have to face players that are themselves playing up, and it isn't enough to win the match convincingly, say 1 and 1, but you have to beat them 0 and 0 or you risk hurting your rating.

In essence, to get bumped up if you don't play up, you have to be fortunate to play stronger competition within your level plus have the killer instinct to win big and not take it easy even for a game when you play the weaker opponents.
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