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Originally Posted by BurnNotice View Post
One thing I noticed was that I tend to overestimate the reach and strike zone of the one handed backhand.

While the freedom of the one hand gives you more flexibility in how far your racquet goes I feel like keeping that contact point closer to your body helps you gain consistency so that you don't constantly reach out, extended horizontally, in order to hit the ball.

What I mean is, it's easier to hit the ball when it's close to your body rather than flailing out when it's farther away.

Idk maybe this will help you.
Good advice, you have to hit over the ball and try not to reach out to hit the backhand.

For me, hitting the ball out in front has improved my backhand a lot.

When I started playing again all my shots came back to me except topspin backhand, it just takes a lot of practice and you have to keep hitting it in matches in order to get better. If you keep going to the slice, you'll never have the confidence to hit one IMO.
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