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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
I think for anyone below 4.5 level, the 2 hander is a much better choice. Its more versatile and consistent and safe shot. Its also easier for return of serve.
I don't agree a 2 hander is more versatile. It is certainly more consistent especially if you want to take the ball early. very few players can take the ball early consistently with a one hander and still keep the errors down.

however regarding the versatility I think you can do more with one hand especially regarding the slice and dropper. a lot of two handers have a bad slice and their droppers are easy to see.

if you are an early striking hard hitter the 2 hander is an obvious choice but if you are a versatile all courter who likes the net and using slice variations the one hander has more options.

that being said in the end it doesn't make a difference. there are great players with both. the two hander is easier to learn though.
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