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Originally Posted by TW Staff View Post
Gut, even as a cross string, is going to offer a different feel and response to a multi. If you can feel the difference, and like it, then gut is worth the investment. If you can't or don't, then go with a multi and save! Tecnifibre E-Matrix is a great budget option as a cross with a poly.

Expect the Pacific to feel a little crisper. VS feels more dampened to me (until the coating wears off).

I would drop 2-3lbs with the addition of gut as a cross.

I have never tried N.Vy as a cross string, but you are getting away from multis and even further from gut with its solid core.

Chris, TW
Originally Posted by diredesire View Post
This entirely depends on your definition of "marginal," does it not? Like I said, if you can justify the cost, it's not easy to replace it as a cross with something else. I'm not disagreeing with you, man. Things like strings are very subjective.

I'd also recommend against E-matrix as a cross, it used to be more on par with something like Wilson Sensation in terms of durability, but I find that when crossed with polys, it'll only exaggerate the shredding. JMHO
Until both you try the Thunder Blast (which may be never since you don't sell it), not worth arguing about. Are gut crosses better? Yes. If money is no object and you want the best cross to balance out poly mains, you can't beat gut.

My only point is that the main strings contribute most of the feel to the stringbed which I think we can all agree on. So gut mains versus multi mains are going to feel different for sure. In the crosses, the difference is much harder to determine but the gut is still nicer.
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