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Q: How are you, as for today?

Rafa: Fine. I’m better of my knee, I’m not perfect, we’re not going to deceive anyone. I’m better, I’m with hope (or illution) because I see that in these last two months I’ve taken a step forward, which hadn’t happened the first three (months). I’ll start to play in Abu Dhabi and we’ll see how… how everything goes. I have doubts, like it’s normal. Physically, in regards to the knee, of course one has fears, one doesn’t know how it’s going to respond. All you can do is trust the doctors, trust Rafa (Maymo, must be) and that everything'll work out well but… I accept, and I’m prepared to accept that that at the beginning my knee might not respond well, and I might have to take it easy for some months, to compete, to stop, compete, stop, during the first three months more or less, no?. (0:50) This I have more or less accepted and into my head and I’m prepared for it.
(...) I suppose that to try to be fine, physically and tennistically speaking, for IW/Miami, in order to be able to arrive well trained, well prepared physically, well prepared tennistically, to Montecarlo. (1:10) I’m satisfied by… self-improvement, more than by triumph. I know I have improved myself, personally, and that is what gives me tranquillity and happiness…

Whole interview:
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