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Originally Posted by floridatennisdude View Post
When the guy hit the put away, that was him saying either

1- my opponent just played it so its in -or-
2- that sucker didn't see that ball out

I would stop without hittin my next shot if I knew I missed. But, I play on if I can't tell from the far court.
Good for you. I do the same. If I know my shot was out, I call it out. Be a man and play with honor.

Originally Posted by gmatheis View Post
Actually, they do have an obligation to do so.

13. Player calls own shots out. With the exception of the first serve, a player should call out the player’s own shots if the player clearly sees the ball out regardless of whether requested to do so by an opponent. The prime objective in making calls is accuracy. All players should cooperate to attain this objective.
"The prime objective in making calls is accuracy". Remind your opponents of this next time they say "It's your call" when you ask them how they saw it.
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