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Originally Posted by gmatheis View Post
I think the first two responses missed the point. OP is asking who here is honest enough to call their own shots out even when the opponent played the ball.

Here's my take , I will almost never call my own shot long as it's fairly hard to see the baseline on your opponent's court accurately. I will however call my shots out on the sidelines (or the center line when serving) if I am certain that it was out. If I think it was close, and my opponent played the ball, I keep playing as well.

By my understanding of the rules this is how you are supposed to play. If you know your shot was out you call it as such but if you are uncertain don't.
The only exception I make to this is on my first serve, (if the opponent plays it as in, and gets his return across) as there have been numerous posts here by people who know the rules, and a server can't call his first serve out. I'd rather lose a match than be unfair.

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