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Originally Posted by Pickle9 View Post
So I have no memory of how I got from the coat check to on the train, but I assume I lost my wallet along the way. The first thing I remember is conductor coming up to me on the train and asking me for my ticket or something. She either told me I had to get off at the next stop or she told me she'd come back when it got to my stop. Either way I ended up getting off in queens. I was sitting at the station for a minute when i realized the next train was at 7:11am. Having no concept of time (not wearing watch and cell phone died) I decided to find another way. This was probably a good idea cause I didn't have a ticket. I got into a taxi and I asked how much it would be to go home, and I think he said $40, at which point I realized all I had was $3 and a metro card. I don't remember buying a separate metrocard. Anyway, he told me to take the bus, the stop was a block away. Made my way to the stop, got on the bus, and got off ~1/2 from my house. Somehow managed to go the wrong way though, and had to have walked 10 miles. It was pitch dark when I got off the bus, and was about 8am when I finally got home. How the **** did I do that?

Well the good news is that totally oblivious to the world and with no wallet or cell phone, I found my way home from NYC. The bad news is how the hell did I get into this predicament?!

Wild turkey is heinous.

I wish I had gone with you guys because your epic journey would not have happened if gramps Dali was there. I'm the baby sitter and not the partier.
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