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Originally Posted by Pickle9 View Post
So I have no memory of how I got from the coat check to on the train, but I assume I lost my wallet along the way. The first thing I remember is conductor coming up to me on the train and asking me for my ticket or something. She either told me I had to get off at the next stop or she told me she'd come back when it got to my stop. Either way I ended up getting off in queens. I was sitting at the station for a minute when i realized the next train was at 7:11am. Having no concept of time (not wearing watch and cell phone died) I decided to find another way. This was probably a good idea cause I didn't have a ticket. I got into a taxi and I asked how much it would be to go home, and I think he said $40, at which point I realized all I had was $3 and a metro card. I don't remember buying a separate metrocard. Anyway, he told me to take the bus, the stop was a block away. Made my way to the stop, got on the bus, and got off ~1/2 from my house. Somehow managed to go the wrong way though, and had to have walked 10 miles. It was pitch dark when I got off the bus, and was about 8am when I finally got home. How the **** did I do that?

Well the good news is that totally oblivious to the world and with no wallet or cell phone, I found my way home from NYC. The bad news is how the hell did I get into this predicament?!

Wild turkey is heinous.

I wish I had gone with you guys because your epic journey would not have happened if gramps Dali was there. I'm the baby sitter and not the partier.
There he goes. One of God's own prototypes. A mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live and too rare to die.
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