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Well, I broke this at right around the 6 hour mark, so here's my review:

Gauge of playtest string: 17 Gauge

Tension used for playtest: 47 Lbs.

Regular string set up: Tour Bite at 45 Lbs.

Racquet brand and model used for test: IG Prestige Pro

Power of test string: For a poly, this string had some pop to it. I would compare it power wise to Tour Bite.

Feel: Nice feel for a poly. I could feel it sink into the strings as I hit with it, as opposed to Tour Bite which has absolutely no give to it. Volleys felt crisp and I didn't have an issue placing the ball when I wanted to.

Spin: Impressive. The texture on the string definitely helps with the grab on the ball. It's not Tour Bite level, but it's above other polys that I've tried. Kickers and slice both had nice action on them. Groundies seemed pretty spinny, too.

Comfort: Comfy for a poly. It's soft so it didn't cause me any problems.

Durability: I snapped it at six hours. I was happy with that given the would-be price of the string. Nothing spectacular, but I've dealt with worse.

Playability Duration: It remained playable during the course of its life. I don't know how long this would last before it died, but for me, it was still relatively fresh by the time I broke it.

Control: Spin helps create control. I was able to generate plenty of spin with this string, so control was nice. Not as good as with Tour Bite, but it's hard to beat Tour Bite in terms of spin.

Tension recommendations: String it a few pounds higher than what you normall use for a poly. This is definitely on the softer side.

Compare to the string you use most often: It seems similar to Tour Bite in terms of spin potential, but it's significantly softer. It plays better at the net than Tour Bite does, but I liked it less for ground strokes and serves.
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