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Originally Posted by Wegner View Post
TomT, is this the park where Jimmy Evert used to coach? I lived and played at the Tennis Club of Fort Lauderdale a few decades ago. What a great place to live at. From your living room to the courts !!!!! And I used to race catamarans at the beach. I miss Florida, and especially Fort Lauderdale. What a beauty !!!
Oscar Wegner, nice to hear from you. I like your stuff. To answer your question, no, Jimmy Evert coached at and managed the (mostly) clay courts at Holiday Park, which are now called the Jimmy Evert Tennis Center. I used to watch Chris Evert and her brother John and sister Jeanie, as well as John Lloyd, practicing there. All wonderful tennis players.

The park where I play and live close to has four poorly maintained (but lighted) hard courts ... Florence Hardy Park. It's only a few miles from Holiday Park (the Jimmy Evert Tennis Center).

Yeah, Fort Lauderdale is great for old timers like me. I've been back here for about 3 years now. Love it.

The Tennis Club of Fort Lauderdale isn't very far from Holiday Park. Nice place from what I hear.
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