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Originally Posted by Mick3391 View Post
Grow up! Quit whining, asking for advice, you going to be a star listening to our tips?

Go out there and be a man! I started playing at like 12 with my brother who was 21, I lost, lost, lost, but had desire, so got better and wipped him. Just go do your own thing or stop whining. Can't serve? Then PRACTICE! Poor forehand? PRACTICE!

There is no magical formula we can give you to lean, do what we did, that is work our tails off to get good, lose, win, win, lose, just fight through it. Run up to 5 miles, but also do sprints. Practice against a wall, just STOP with the "If I only hold my hand ......." nonsense.

I'm sorry, I just see so many wooses on this forum, can't play there is no suggestion for you except for you to play and learn yourself, how do you think we learned?

Even those who go to Tennis Academies only learn what they are taught, Tennis is much more than what you are taught, it's like boxing, unique to you.
Good points, imo, Mick. After all, how did instructors learn what they preach? I think most people are smart enough to have a pretty good idea what they have to do to improve, but are just not willing to do the necessary work. I could be wrong about that. (And, yes, I'm certainly guilty of being lazy and a wuss at times.) Maybe some people really don't have a clue. But I find that hard to believe. I think it's mostly what you're talking about. Lack of willingness to do the necessary work to improve.

Supposing that someone is genuinely intellectually, analytically, and maybe even physically, challenged regarding tennis (and I might be one such person), then it follows that the only way for such a person to be competitive at ever higher levels is to actually do more experimentation, more work, more quality repetition, than more gifted competitors.

Anyway, bottom line, yeah, don't whine ... work. Or find another, maybe easier, hobby.
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