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Originally Posted by TomT View Post
Good points, imo, Mick. After all, how did instructors learn what they preach? I think most people are smart enough to have a pretty good idea what they have to do to improve, but are just not willing to do the necessary work. I could be wrong about that. (And, yes, I'm certainly guilty of being lazy and a wuss at times.) Maybe some people really don't have a clue. But I find that hard to believe. I think it's mostly what you're talking about. Lack of willingness to do the necessary work to improve.

Supposing that someone is genuinely intellectually, analytically, and maybe even physically, challenged regarding tennis (and I might be one such person), then it follows that the only way for such a person to be competitive at ever higher levels is to actually do more experimentation, more work, more quality repetition, than more gifted competitors.

Anyway, bottom line, yeah, don't whine ... work. Or find another, maybe easier, hobby.
I really appreciate that Tom, I felt bad once I hit "Submit Reply", maybe just in a bad mood, but yea it seems like everyone wants some magical ride or formula, my "Magical Formula" was YEARS of playing, learning what works and what doesn't, and not even being aware of it enough to teach my son, I just "Do", so to teach takes much thought as to how I have my feet, my grip, everything.

It just seems in modern society that you can learn to play a certain way. Again I stand by, and I can be corrected, but I'm convinced no one taught Fed to be Fed, yea he saw Sampras, yea he had teachers, but who could teach that Rythmn?

Anyways, thanks, I try not to create any ripples on this forum, everyone's a tough guy behind a computer, but really it's a matter of getting a SMALL WOOD RACQUET, PLAYING ALL THE TIME, then get a bigger racquet, and just do it. I use a 95 K-Factor, I love my 90, but can't believe anyone can't hit anything they want with the GIANT head of the 95.

God bless and merry Christmass Tom T!
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