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Why this board if sull of trolls.

Stick to facts and not to the "what ifs", "what if" means nothing.

Cannot really understand this typical american attitude where everything there should be the biggest and greatest.
I can understand fans, but facts are facts and the story is made just of facts.

She's a great player, raising always to the top of ther ranks whenever she comes back to play (and this is a problem in my opinion, of course not for her, but for the level of game proposed by ladies)
When i see azarenka and sharapova are n. 1 and 2, i'm horrified, Serena at 50% of her potential trash them with any problem, but to define her the best ever it's clearly an overstatement.
15 slams are not little...... but there are players who won more than her, with better career percentages.

In 20 or 30 year I guess there will be new trolls saying that and XYZ player of 2040 is the greatest and would trash serena with level of game at their pick.
It's called evolution.
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