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Originally Posted by WildVolley View Post
I tend to agree with you, but we're definitely on the fringe on this issue at the moment. I got a cure by strengthening my feet and have not had any further troubles.

I wear Leming shoes around casually when I can't go barefoot and I use Yonex tennis shoes when I play because they don't pinch my toes. It made a huge difference for me, but one case is just an anecdote, and I doubt there will be any studies on this soon.

I still read articles claiming that being barefoot or wearing flip-flops causes PF. So the podiatry industry does not accept this sort of "treatment" or exercise. Most people will not ignore the podiatrist's advice.
If people getting PF from being barefoot or wearing flops all summer, that is only cos the foot is not used to that situation, some feet are so used to being cramped in narrow toe boxes, elevated heels and soft soles.
Then suddenly starting walking barefoot or wearing flops all summer puts a lot of stress on the feet and tendons cos they are so weak. My advice here is give your feet time to adjust and build it up....
Trust me, people in Africa where most of the time walking barefoot will not suffer from PF, they have very strong feet and very flexible toes.
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