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Originally Posted by AlfaAce View Post
That being said, what is the real advantage then of "Nat Gut/4G" vs. a full bed of Nat Gut??? (Besides the cost).
**Answer not specific to 4g**

If you swing mostly flat, if power/accuracy are the more important aspects of your game, if you volley or hit improvised shots more often, you will likely be better off with a full bed of gut.

If spin generation is a big part of your game, if your ball dips, shoots, or jumps, you will likely be better off with the blend.

The full bed will put more forward oomph (technical term) on the ball since the stringbed will give more horizontally as the full gut bed pockets the ball.

The blend will give more spin as the poly crosses hold the line more and the gut mains slide up and down against them.

This is just a very basic recommendation, and you should try both and see what you like as both are top tier stringjobs.

Personally, I volley better with poly than with gut, because I am used to it, and have been doing it for years.

The vast majority of players are better off with full gut; the boards understate just how much gut bites and how much spin you can get with it (also Kevlar) I can hit more spin with VS than with half the jive polys out there. *Cough* Solinco *Cough*

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