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Originally Posted by Rocky89 View Post
Not a very encouraging answer. Shame his knees are still bothering him.

The more interviews he does the more convinced I am that he is going to skip AO next year. He hasn't mentioned AO for a while now, this feels similar to how it did before the US Open.
I'm beginning to think he should skip it this time.

That short video is though just a part of the interview, and it has a few parts mixed up. From the part where he talks about IW/Miami, is an answer to another question. And then the part about self-improvement is from another answer as well.

Originally Posted by RAFA2005RG View Post
But you know the translation isn't very accurate when the word "tranquility" is there. Very hard to measure the level of positive or negative in any words that are a result of translation.
Uhm, why?, what is wrong with the word "tranquility" there?. The word he used in Spanish was "tranquilidad".
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