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Originally Posted by Dave M View Post
That'snot really true, vantage tennis (the original company)became Angell sport, "vantagetennisintl" was registered in the US by Sven for Paul when they set up togther as it's a lot easier to work thorough the US legal system (pretty much any countries in fact) when you are physically there.(Dates can be checked online somewhere for the reg of both compaines somewhere IIRC)
The racquets design/ mold etc still belong to Paul so when the U.S stock has run out it'll be interesting to see what happens then.
Sven bought out Paul's share of Vantage, so I don't see how Vantage could have become Angell. Paul sold his part of the business to Sven, then they squabbled over some of the stuff afterwards (Paul refused to hand over the facebook account, for example). Sven's still been making customs for the college team I coach and they are the same great quality etc as always. I don't know how Paul would have kept the mold etc when Sven was the one who came away with the business name and was physically the one making rackets in the US.
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