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Originally Posted by AlfaAce View Post
That being said, what is the real advantage then of "Nat Gut/4G" vs. a full bed of Nat Gut??? (Besides the cost).
- spin potential: I've tested full bed VS versus VS/4G hybrid in matched frames and the hybrid blows away full bed in spin potential. It's not even close. Others have tried the same experiment and reported the same result. There are other poly crosses that provide even greater spin with gut mains but they lack in other areas such as control and tension maintenance.

- reduced power: full gut is fairly powerful. Combined with its lower spin potential controlling shot depth can be an issue unless strung at higher tensions which sort of defeats one of full gut's greatest advantages: comfort. Adding 4G crosses to the equation you tame the power of the gut while retaining or even enhancing its comfort since you can string at a lower tension.

Balancing far higher spin potential and lower power/greater depth control is the disadvantage of gut/poly: reduced life span. Even 4G feels bad after a while or will cut through the softer gut mains. In either case the sb won't last as long as full gut.

That being said it seems like 4G is deliberately engineered as a cross for natural gut. It shares gut's three greatest features: super low tension loss, great control, and comfort. And since gut mains with poly crosses is one of the lowest friction string beds you can have, the two strings work together to enhance spin potential.

So 4G crosses remain playable far longer than other poly crosses.

I've tried numerous poly crosses, many in head to head tests with 4G since its introduction. 4G gets beat in spin potential but even then it still provides outstanding spin AND it's just light years ahead of other poly crosses in extended playability, comfort, control, and freakishly low tension loss.

As of yesterday I've given up testing other poly crosses and will be sticking with 4G until something new comes along to test. All three of my frames are now strung with 4G crosses, two at the same reference tension of 55/51 and the third at an experimental reference tension of 53/48.

As it turns out Last night I hit with the 53/48 frame felt it was a little mushy compared to the other frames once broken in. Will probably stick to 55/51. And it looks like I'll need to restring that frame anyway. Last night the head guard on the 53/48 frame shattered. I don't even remember hitting the ground with it. I never throw my frames or abuse them deliberately. One moment it's fine, the next I see the head guard shattered and flopping around! Doh!
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