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Originally Posted by Rjtennis View Post
4G is a decent string, but it isn't for your everyday club player. It's a pretty average string across the board except it has great control and tension maintenance. Personally I'd rather pick a less expensive string and string more frequently, but I can see how it would be a great string for some. Mixing it with gut might liven it up and make it more interesting for me, but that's an expensive setup.
But if you're stringing more frequently you might be spending more money in the end.

One of the great advantages of full gut is its longevity. It gets better with age until it finally breaks. For most rec players gut is probably the MOST economical choice since it remains very control oriented over its very long life span. The initial cost is higher but over time it's actually much cheaper than other strings.

As for VS/4G the 4G addresses one of the worst aspects of what I call Gut/Poly Hell: the poly crosses die well before the gut mains and you feel like you're wasting money on the gut. It's just that nothing else provides the unique feel and playing qualities of gut/poly. So at last we have a poly cross that at least approaches gut's extended playability and control over time while also providing higher spin potential.

Poly crosses such as Solinco Outlast and MSV CoFocus were favorites of mine. But once I tested them in matched frames against 4G crosses the contrast was astounding. The loss in control due to tension loss was just too great compared to 4G crosses in soite of their higher spin potential. With other CHEAPER polys I was spending MORE money due to more frequent stringings.

I don't string myself (yet) so a frame costs me about $30 in string and $20 for labor. That $50 approaches the $80 I paid for the frames themselves! But compared to other polys I save money by stringing less frequently which probably breaks even in materials but eliminates a number of labor charges which is huge.
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