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Originally Posted by Akubra View Post
Sven bought out Paul's share of Vantage, so I don't see how Vantage could have become Angell. Paul sold his part of the business to Sven, then they squabbled over some of the stuff afterwards (Paul refused to hand over the facebook account, for example). Sven's still been making customs for the college team I coach and they are the same great quality etc as always. I don't know how Paul would have kept the mold etc when Sven was the one who came away with the business name and was physically the one making rackets in the US.
Who told you Sven bought anything?Sven made no indication of that when i spoke to him a few months back and Paul certainly didn't.
I think you're misinformed about the racquets, they are not made in the US the hairpins sent to him and they assemble the racquet to the customers specs,(weights/ grommets)I have no doubt he has been supplying the "same great quality" they are the stock he built up when with Paul, they are the same as they were, as i said before it'll be interesting to see what happens when they have sold out.
Paul designed them, paid for them to be made so yes they, the intellectual property of them would belong to him.I highy doubt they've ever actually been in the USA and would of spent most of their lives probably in China having racquets made from them.
THe reason the vantage facebook acc etc remaned with Paul is because they are his, vantage tennis was his, he created it and Sven was his partner in the US, you take someone on board to sell for you under a license agreement that's what it is, if they stop paying you the fee each month/quarterly/year then they are not involved anymore. Legally person B isn't entitled to keep selling under the same name (or copy a website-if it was his, why doesn't it work as it used to where you could build a frame one step at a time?) however the cost of going through the courts to stop someone is huge for a niche company and can't be worthwhile.
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