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Originally Posted by cc0509 View Post
What about beating Djokovic OFF CLAY again? Nadal has not conquered that yet!
Well, at the hardcourt slams, they've played:
2010 US Open Final - Nadal in 4
2011 US Open Final - Djokovic in 4
2012 Australian Open Final - Djokovic in 5 (7-5 fifth set, 6 hours)

If Djokovic is ahead in their hardcourt rivalry, its only by the smallest of margins, regarding their slam hardcourt meetings anyway.

And Djokovic leads in the non-slam hardcourt meetings, although Nadal beat Djokovic at the 2010 World Tour Finals in straight sets and Nadal also beat Djokovic at the Olympics. So those are big events.

Nadal hasn't "conquered" Djokovic on hardcourts, but in terms of head2head Nadal is a lot closer to Djokovic on hardcourts than Djokovic is to Nadal on clay. Apart from 2 wins over Nadal in 2011 (Madrid and Rome), Djokovic has done nothing to Nadal on clay.

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