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Default Ultimately Consumers drive the Market: USTA Alternate for Jrs

Several conversations taking place about an alternative for Juniors. Deep pocket folks, who see the decreasing draws around US.

USTA I'm feeling is missing a major point "Tennis is not free"

That means consumers will go where the value for $ is best. Imagine a city, state, nationwide series of events with sponsorship and a guarantee if you do well to continue at reduced rates to play year round.

Soccer, Basketball have similar systems and college showcase events and do very well. Some SoFla folks think about applying the same model.

Jamboree style round robin events, Team events, etc....

As a non-tennis player I see this USTA system as RIDICULOUS considering its a pay to play format. TDs depend on YOUR investment and are beholden to the USTA.

So I asked howd you get kids play "Offer Scholarships" to those that play the circuit and do well. No different than Soccer and Basketball.

Interesting, could work but Tennis Parents are conditioned and would have to see real value. Yes if i could recoup 50% of fees Id consider it.

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