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Originally Posted by Dave M View Post
I know those mornings!!!
It's a shame whatever happened happened because Im sure given a decent push over there they would of become (more)popular because it is a very good "old school" product in a time of too much marketing hype,just glad i found them.
I've delt with both over the years having ordered from over there (in the US) when i was there and here for both vantage and angell frames.
I've had more dealings with Paul recently, though as a customer Sven did right by me so no complaints there, it's just a shame it ended the way it did esp with the owner designer having to relaunch to avoid confusion when he had put so many years into his baby.
Hope you manage to get some sleep, it's what i asked for for Christmas!!
I could be wrong but I seem to remember Sven saying money had changed hands. That's where things like the facebook came into question - access was supposed to be part of the deal. But like I said, we'll never really know what happened (unless maybe they both come out and tell the same story).
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