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Originally Posted by stringsguy View Post
believe its a quite hard on the arm
Strategem is hard on the arm? Is that right?

I won't break TW rules by linking to another site, but I Googled "pro's pro strings", and one of the sites that came up carried these strings, and on most strings had "compare to" information. I have absolutely no idea how reliable those comparisons are, but they had Strategem comparing to Dunlop Black Widow, which is a soft as a poly gets.

Due to arm trouble, I've recently switched from stiff poly's at 52 lbs. to Isospeed Baseline (very soft and elastic) at 40 lbs., and I'm actually growing to really like the elasticity and pocketing I get in addition to the comfort I was seeking. However, it is noticably lacking in spin. So I was looking for something soft and elastic, but with better spin. Black Widow would be perfect, but $170 per reel is more than I'm willing to spend. Based on the "compare to" information I came across, I thought Strategem was a BW copy, so I was strongly considering giving it a try, and was surpirsed to see it described as "hard on the arm", as I was thinking it would be just the opposite. Does anyone have input on this?
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