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Originally Posted by seminoleG View Post
Cost is not that far apart. Hiking across the US is pricey and from florida to can be in Central America before Texas. I can get lots places before California.

Travel from some areas are much cheaper to Central America than middle america. Many deals exists where a trip to Austin is full fare.

Several parents of teens tell me avoid the USTA path, comparable cost with a better chance of overall success.
Agree! Flying to Waco, TX from many east coast cities would cost more and take longer than flying to London.

Most top kids are trained in an academy, likely out of their own sections, it would increase their travelling costs significantly to play sections. Being home-schooled or on-line schooled, they, especially those who are older than 16, would rather spend that money to fly to South America or to Europe to play ITF. After all, they can get so much better competition than playing sections. If juniors want to go to college, the ITF ranking and experience should mean more than USTA national ranking to college coaches.
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