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Woz is much more consistent than Ivanovic. Ivanovic had a bigger game though and made 3 slam finals and a Wimby SF before turning 21, compared to Woz's one final. I'm guessing you're trying to say Woz will just win one major. Woz is a wildcard based on her past 7 slam appearances. If she snags a USO or AO by next year that might give her added incentive and confidence to incorporate more tools to her game. But it wouldn't surprise me if she doesn't win one either. She seems too content to play her defensive game while relying on daddy and headcases to win matches for her. The good news is she rarely beats herself. The bad news is in majors she lacks the will to win matches. USO or AO possibly.

Lisicki has been an accident-in-progress the past two years. She lives-or-dies on her serve because her groundstrokes off both wings are rather suspect. She has some areas to tweak and has to work on conditioning. That said, I would give her equal or better odds of winning a major than Azarenka, as much as it pains me to say that. Wimby or nothing at this point.

Azarenka.... hmmm. This girl is beginning to torture me ala Safina. She has arguably the best return of serve now. Deadly backhand, hits deep off both wings, and has beaten quality players. Her problems are she's mentally a flake when the chips are down (too many examples to list), she quits/retires too much for my liking, she's SOFT when playing her BFF Wozniacki, tricky players like Dulko easily get under her skin (*cough*FO 2010*cough*), and for all of her shrieking she only hits about as aggressive as Jankovic or Zvonareva. She's pretty, but her style of play and her courtside manners sometimes aren't. Best bet would be the AO.

As for Kvitova, I don't really have much new to add to what's already been said here. It's still early, but Kvitova gives off this impression that you haven't seen her at her best yet. She's won Wimbledon, but I just feel she's got other elements in her game she's waiting to put on display. Very curious to see when she will improve on fast hardcourts. I hated Kvitova for beating Safina at USO 2009, but even I acknowledged her as the better player that day. She's the one in this class to keep an eye on. A contender for all four slams, especially Wimbledon.

Goerges did well during the clay season until the FO. She's got game and if she can tidy up a few rough edges she'll do better at the majors. As it is, I don't see a major yet.
I forgot I said that on another thread after Kvitova won Wimbledon.
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