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Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
The way he worded it it seems as if the knee is still bothering him, and has not healed like he previously said. It is clearly still a major problem, even after all this time off. Not a good sign at all.

As you know my hopes were already rock bottom low, but when I saw that clip of that interview, my hopes have now descended into the depths of hell they are so low. I really think he's finished. I need a new player to root for which sucks since no one else appeals to me. Pfft.
I also think he's (almost) finished this time. I know by experience how painful it is to keep supporting a player who is passing away, and I think we have entered that phase. I expect very sad times. And I honestly don't see any player who could appeal to me, neither in the current top players nor in the young promising guys.
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