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Wow... seems like quite a few of us have pushed all of our chips in on the Pro One. I've got 9, Mrtrinh has 7, and schmolke had 6! Seems like peeps who like the P1, really like the P1 haha. Best racquet choice I ever made by a wide margin. Has really elevated my game, and my arm loves it. One thing though... I think P1's might actually be so dense due to the solid core construction that they cause a slight ripple in gravity. I know the mass and balance of all of them, and still cannot believe they are 12oz, and 7 points HL with all the trimmings. I have them all at about ~330 sw, but they swing much heavier than that. I think maybe a room full of P1's might cause a black hole in space.

Disneos, String Choice - In my humble opinion, I don't think a soft multi like TF x1 Biphase is a good choice for any of these three sticks you've mentioned. X1 is awesome, I played with it for many years, but with a decent swingspeed, all those frames have quite a bit of pop. You'll need to make the ball dive into the court with top to have it stay in the court, and access to easy spin is a big help. If your arm can stand it, and you don't come to net a bunch, a not so stiff textured poly like Dunlop Black Widow 18 or a slightly stiffer BHBR 17 would be a good choice for baseline bashing. As a doubles specialist I can tell you that textured poly is simply awful for volleys though. The ball just gets stuck in the stringbed, and when it finally slushes out, I have no effing idea where it's going. Gut mains with poly crosses will give you all the access to easy spin from the baseline, but is much easier to volley with for sure. And lastly, if you are not snapping the crosses in TF X1 Biphase 17 in about 6 hours or less, you might not have the swingspeed or topspin to tap into all the qualities of the Pro One, it's not a tweener, and is best utilized with long, fast, developed strokes. I get 20+ hours out of a good gut/poly set up, and its far less expensive in the long run (and better performing) than any of the premium multifils.

Re: X-Blue 99 - Best. Looking. Frame. Ever. And yeah, really hard to find these days. I got mine last summer, but they've been scarce ever since.

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