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Default Played a "very consistent player" today...

Well.... A pusher really. Great guy.. Bit his game is boring as hell.

Played him last week and lost 2-6, 6-4,6-2... Almost had him after winning the first set and at 4-4 in the second. When he feels things are getting bad he starts with the moonballs. He attacks nothing. Sometimes I leave balls in the middle of the court... And he just rolls them in.

Today I lost 6-4.6-4 with a different tactic. Tried to open up the court a bit more with angles. Serve wide to the deuce court. That as somewhat successful.

But in the end I think its more of a mental thing. I just do not have the patience week we played the 3 sets in 3 hours... Point after point I am taking all the risks, moving him side to side... For him just to get everything back. I eventually got for too much and end up making an error. When I stick with him, the point lasts like 30 shots...

So frustrating.

We are both 3.5 or 4.0

Some months ago I beat him 61. 60 in a fast court. Also sometime ago I had 5 match points against him but lost the match.

Whats a good tactic against him?
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