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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post

Excuse my lazy dropping left hand. Video helped me see I had to fix that...

ALU lasted me 5 hours or so before death. 4G lasts me twice as long. I measured the tension maintenance loss from off my stringer to death and the bed only lost 5 pounds. I cross with synthetic gut and use an 18x20 Blade, so keep that in mind. String breakage is not as big of an issue as it was for me with more open patterns.

BBO - same thing. Dies after 5-6 hours and then breaks or just bugs the arm.

4G may move on you after 6 hours or do (possibly - depends on the cross) but just keeps going. You will know when it is dead because your control will go away, but you will see it coming from a mile away and have already switched to a fresh stick.
Strokes are looking solid PP. Good hitting with the blade. Your hitting partner looks to be having a bit of trouble the pace on your shot.

I've got a set of 4G 1.25 lying around collecting dust but may string up my rad pro with it when the adrenaline dies & see what's it's all about. My shot trajectory seems kinda similar to yours but with much less pace. I'm tempted to give it a whirl.

Thanks for posting your video
blx blade 98 with adrenaline rough 1.25 @ 51 lbs
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