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Originally Posted by storypeddler View Post
LOL. Agreed. I don't like to attempt play on wet courts because of the likelihood of slipping and getting hurt. But as much as I LOVE hot weather tennis, I can't stop playing just because of temperature. Unless the wind is an issue, I've played (and DO play) at temps well below 40. You layer up, and as you warm up you remove layers. Geez, guys, this is TENNIS! How can you not play when you have a chance??? LOL
It really doesn't get much more hardcore than that ) All I can think of is the guy in England who played for 44 hours straight, name is Christopher Bowers. We'll have to start a thread about the most hardcore examples of tennisaholics : )
"He looked like he was trying to imitate Sampras when I first played him." Agassi in Facing Federer
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