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Originally Posted by Disneos View Post
problem is i live in texas and it tends to get humid here quite a bit, i either need a good multi or a soft enough poly because i really cant take the risk or more pain or injury and cant afford anymore downtime, feel like around here a gut string wouldnt last long.

Hi Disneos -

Yeah cool. I live in Chicago burbs , and I know from humid ha ha. I stayed away from Gut/Poly for a very long time, out of a fear that it wouldn't last long, or be too expensive. Turns out I was really, really wrong.

2 Frames with TF X1 Biphase = ($17.00 x 2) = $34.00
2 Frames with Babolat Tonic + Polyfibre HiTec = (33+9) = $42.00

I snap X1 at about 6 or so hours of singles. I've never snapped my gut mains, but will restring my whole bed at around 24 hours on a gut/poly setup. So for 8 bucks more, you could have something that lasts 4 times longer. And that's just looking at the cost benefits, not even mentioning how much better it plays.

Not trying talk you into something that will take you backwards in terms of arm safety, but there is quite a range in poly stiffness, anywhere from 160's - mid 300's lbs per sq. in. I'm 95% recovered from my 1st ever case of TE, and found that Gut with a soft poly works for me. I have a list of the softer polys in the string section here

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